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Practice Tests : Why Are They So Important?

TestTaker leverages practice tests as a tool to reinforce learning and discover the areas in which further study is required. This is not surprising. Most educational resources provide tests or a grouping of questions.
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TestTaker Practice Tests
Practice tests possess three key advantages:
Little to No stress. Practice tests can be offered in a comfortable environment and do not count towards the actual certification assessment. Test takers can be comfortable in completing the test without reprisal.
Assessment. Practice tests, if designed correctly, will clearly map the strengths and weaknesses of the test taker. TestTaker elevates assessment by first learning how each individual uniquely performs on each practice test and then, second, crafting successive practice tests based how the test taker is learning the key concepts and facts.
Low Cost. Practice tests are less expensive than the real certification exam and cause no repercussions. Failure to achieve a passing grade on a certification exam can be expensive. There is very little to learn or assess as most certification exams do not offer the option to review the answers and explanations. Also, most certification exams limit the number of attempts within a calendar year.
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TestTaker practice tests key advantages:
Focused. TestTaker practice tests are a focused, purposeful collection of questions. Unlike question dumps, the practice tests are designed fully assess your performance against the key knowledge areas required for a certification in the appropriate proportions. TestTaker practice tests are crafted based on your interaction with TestTaker and are not a fixed set of questions.
Personalized. TestTaker practice tests are custom designed for you. TestTaker studies your performance so that you may learn and excel. Each time a test is completed, TestTaker’s intelligence engine uses your test performance to determine the unique composition of questions for your very next practice test. Why waste time studying questions for content that you have already learned? TestTaker will not waste your time. Why waste time pouring over countless free questions dumps in the hope that you find a realistic and current question? All TestTaker practice test content is realistic and current. Why waste time with the same practice tests as if everyone learns the same way or needs to learn the same things. All TestTaker practice tests are personalized for you and personally crafted for you.
Access Anywhere, Anytime. Take a practice test anywhere you have access to the internet at anytime as many times as you want. Your results are maintained in our cloud environment so that you do not have to track or document your progress. TestTaker practice tests require no special software. TestTaker practice tests are not question downloads or question dumps. Access a custom, personalized practice test just for you whenever you wish.
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